How To Play The Beerio Kart Drinking Game

Remember those good old days when you spent hours playing Mario Kart? Remember how much fun you had and how good it made you feel?

Well if this is something that brings back lots of happy memories, then you’ll be excited to hear about the Beerio Kart Drinking Game!

Based on the addictive and very memorable video game series that was launched in 1992, this really cool drinking game will bring back plenty of nostalgia when you start to play it with the guys.

Offering the perfect mix of drinking and gaming, Beerio Kart is a fast, action-packed drinking game that is a great way to kickstart an evening’s jollification.

If you are not familiar with the game, in this guide we will highlight the rules for you. So you can appreciate all of its finer points before playing it with your friends.

Beerio Kart Rules

We are sure the name will give you some basic idea of what the game entails, but here is a brief review of the rules anyway.


Essentially, the concept of the game is simple. To finish drinking your beer during a round (or several rounds) of Mario Kart, while congruently driving your character’s vehicle around the track.

The game has 3 main rules as follows:

Rule 1 – You are prohibited from opening your beer until after the race has started.

This rule makes sure everyone has the same opportunity to start drinking their beer concurrently.

Rule 2 – You are forbidden from drinking whilst you are driving.

To be clear you cannot drink and drive. This results in instant disqualification. Instead, to take a drink you need to be at a complete stop. You can only start driving again once you have stopped drinking and set your beer can or glass down.

Rule 3 – You must finish all of your beer before the race ends.

To be an outright champion of Beerio Kart, you must finish all of your beer prior to crossing the chequered flag at the completion of the final lap.

Should there be any beer left in all of the competitor’s glasses, the winner by default, will be the person who has the least amount of beer remaining.

Beerio Kart Variations

Outlined above are the basic rules of the game. However, there are a few tweaks and variations you can make to the game to keep it fresh and keep the enjoyment factor up, after a round or two of playing it.

These can include the following:

1) Mario Kart Cup Version

The version of Mario Kart most of us know typically requires playing four races in a Grand Prix, or rather ‘cup’.

These races take place over four distinct courses, to test your abilities in different terrains.

With this in mind, you may wish to change up the one beer/one race rule to ensure you have enough mental faculties to play the game.

You can do this by introducing a one strong beer for 4 races rule, a two medium-strength beers for 4 race rule, or a 4 light beers for 4 race rule.

For the one strong beer rule, you simply must finish your beer before the end of the fourth and final race.

For the 2 medium beers rule, you must finish your first beer by the end of the second race and the second beer prior to the end of the fourth race.

For the 4 beers light beers race, you will need to down a beer by the end of each race.

2) Shotgun Version

In this variation of Beerio Kart, rather than drinking your beer at various points throughout the race, you must drink it ‘shotgun’ style by downing it in one attempt, before resuming your trace activity.

3) No Drinking On the First Lap

Many people who play this drinking game often end up drinking all their beer immediately when the race starts, before concentrating on driving for the remaining laps.

To avoid this you can introduce a ‘no drinking on the first lap rule’, which would require you to have to make a more strategic decision of whether or not you should stop on lap 2, 3 or 4 to drink your beer.

You can also introduce rules like ‘only drinking on the 3rd lap’, or ‘no drinking all your beer at once’ which would add even more interesting dimensions to the race.

4) Item Drinking

Anyone who has played the game will attest that Mario Kart can test you with an assortment of dastardly items that fly back and forwards at you, as well as up and down.

Whilst this is happening you can have some additional fun by introducing further rules for each item. These could include:

Blue Shell – You must drink a shot at the end of the match

Banana – You must should the word ‘BANANA;

Lighting Bolt – You must stop racing, put your controller down and spin your body around 360 degrees once.

5) Winner Awarding Challenges

After the first winner has been announced you can make things even more interesting by allowing them to introduce a challenge for the next race to which they are immune.

This could take the form of the loser having to sing for 30 seconds, do their best celebrity impression or act like an animal.

All of which add to the fun.


So there you have it, our version of how to play the Beerio Kart drinking game.

This is purely a guide and not the definitive rules. But if you follow them, and fully enter the spirit of the game you will all have a lot of fun playing it together!

The great thing about this game is that you don’t even have to be in the same postcode to play it. So long as everyone has access to the game, you can all Zoom, or FaceTime, at the same time, and begin the racing concurrently.

So in this way, it can even unite people who live far away!

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