Fintan Magee New Mural – Townsville, Australia

We have received some images from Fintan Magee’s most recent street art painting, which he recently finished in Townsville, Australia.

The amazing Australian street artist has unveiled yet another enormous sculpture that features one of his recognisable figures. One young man is depicted in this painting lying on his back while supporting a lovely home with his feet and hands.

For further photographs of this new work, keep reading, and come back soon for updates on Fintan Magee’s Los Angeles murals.

What Techniques Does Fintan Magee Use?

The riders are shown using a bevelled glass method and look distant and fragmented. The artwork asks where displaced occupants of public housing will proceed as public land continues to be auctioned off inside the city and presents the youngsters as nomadic.

The painting draws attention to Sydney’s persistent gentrification problem and how its youthful, working population is pushed farther out into the suburbs and overlooked by housing policies, separating them from the city’s economic opportunities and most prosperous residents.

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