Dr. Seuss: The Success Story Of The Famous Children’s Author And Cartoonist

Seuss Geisel Theodor is a famous American cartoonist, animator, poet, filmmaker, illustrator, and children’s author. Over his lifetime, Dr. Seuss has solved over 600 million copies effectively translated into 20 languages. 

Theodor’s life wasn’t a walk in the park, but he had to deal with rejection throughout his career. 

Early Life And Struggles

Theodor was bred in Massachusetts, Springfield, where his dad headed one of the leading family breweries. A couple of years later, his luck came, and he was entrusted to be a public park supervisor. Theodor went to Dartmouth College then revolutionized his skills as the chief humor magazine editor. 

He was once caught using alcohol with some of his friends, an act which at that time was termed illegal. The dean of students wasn’t having it and demanded that Theodor leave his role as the humor magazine editor and other extracurricular activities. 

But that wouldn’t stop Theodor from working on a magazine. He vowed not to stop, so he used to sign his name as “Seuss.” Later he joined Lincoln College after his graduation to become a Philosophy Doctor. 

Coincidentally, he met a lady who would later become his wife, who made him see himself as a possible drawer in the future. However, as fate would have it, he couldn’t complete his degree as he went back to America, where he took op illustration submission seriously and book publishing, advertising agencies, and magazines.

Seuss Theodor Geisel Challenges

After returning to America, Theodor seriously took up illustration and writing for humor magazines. After a short period, his illustrations were spotted in magazines. He was married and picked up the traveling hobby with his wife. 

Theodor was coming from Europe on a trip; the engine of the ship’s rhythm inspired him to come up with the first children’s book publication. Unfortunately, the book was not accepted by 20-43 publishers. They argued that he wasn’t established enough and that the book didn’t have a significant impact. That wasn’t his end as he met one of his former classmates who helped him with the book’s publication. He took center stage and became an established children’s book author. 

Lessons We Draw From Theodor’s Life

His wife played a pivotal role in ensuring that he pursued his passion for drawing, which later led to all the significant success he experienced throughout his life. We see that he needed help from his former classmate to publish the book, which shows that sometimes we need help. 

Theres no doubt that surrounding yourself with the right people is quite beneficial than surrounding yourself with many people. You need to build significant connections so that you can benefit later on. However, the connections come unexpectedly, so you must be careful with every step. 

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