10 Things to See And Do At Mount Remarkable National Park

The serene views, rugged ranges, steep green valleys, exposed quartzite cliffs, and dramatic gorges make Mount Remarkable National Park a favorite vacation destination for many. 

Additionally, the park is located between Flinders Ranges and the Spencer Gulf and is approximately 250km from the city center of Adelaide. The added accessibility makes the park even more ideal as a weekend getaway.  

Mount Remarkable National Park has three sections: Mt Remarkable (through Melrose), Mambray Creek, and Alligator Gorge. 

Each section has its distinguishing features, including picnic areas, gorges, scenic lookouts, ruins, creek lines, campgrounds with excellent facilities, and walking trails accessible to all fitness levels and ages. Some of the sections even have bookable cabins.  

Tourists at Mount Remarkable National Park can see numerous animals throughout the park. You will likely see various animals as they boldly traverse through the landscape. 

You might encounter animals, including rock wallabies, tree goannas, lace monitors, scorpions, grey kangaroos, and echidnas. Additionally, the park has geological treasures and plenty of plant life. 

Mount Remarkable National Park also has 117 indigenous bird species, making it every birdwatcher’s delight. The bird species at the park include emus, wedge-tailed eagles, and ringneck parrots. During the winter seasons, everything in the park comes to life. 

The passionate rangers at the park have compiled a list of ten fun activities you can engage in while there. Here is the list:

  1. Stroll along the walk trails on Mambray Creek Walk. Remember to carry your gum boots and wet-weather necessities because you will walk through puddles and flowing creeks. 
  2. Play fun games around campfires at night. You can use any equipment you have at hand. 
  3. Cook your favorite campfire dishes.
  4. Take a walk through Alligator Gorge Hike. Enjoy the smell of the blooming golden wattle. 
  5. Children can go on short hikes close to the campgrounds. Carry gum boots, umbrellas, and raincoats. 
  6. On clear days, you can take the short, challenging climb and head toward Sugar Gum Lookout. The lookout is about eight kilometers and a three-hour return away. You can watch rock wallabies and encounter scorpions while at the lookout. 
  7. Take a walk through Alligator Gorge Hike and enjoy the smell of the blooming golden wattle. 
  8. You can take a fifteen-minute return trip along the 400-meter-long Ali Lookout Walk. Head toward Alligator Gorge for incredible views. 
  9. Take pictures, write about, and sketch the scenic landscape. 
  10. Explore Melrose town. Stroll through Melrose Nature Hike to enjoy the rich plant life. The hike is 4.7 km long and approximately three hours return. 
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