Smith Video: Bottled History

Wednesday March 20, 2013 Written by smith

"Bottled History", made by Smith and production studio Commoner, shares the talent of Sydney-based shipbuilder Ray Gascoigne. He's been around boats his whole life as a shipwright and merchant seaman, and now builds intricate boats on the smallest dry dock there is: a bottle.

Ray's story unfolded slowly. His daughter Bron and son-in-law Dean contacted us last year about the possibility of telling Ray's tale, and it's an honour to feature his boats in Smith volume six. To make the film, Commoner's Mark Welker and Aaron Cuthbert spent three days in Ray's small apartment on the north coast of Sydney, discussing his work and capturing the process. 

Ray's full story originally appeared in Smith volume six. 

A film by Commoner.
Music by Ben Yardley.
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