Volume One

Volume One

Smith’s maiden volume salutes the slight imperfections and blunders that are part of starting something new.

We appreciate how bourbon tastes different from batch to batch at a small distillery. We marvel at furniture with an uneven finish and we meet a range of folks who have tried their hands at different things.

There’s a taxidermist in the Florida backwaters slowly teaching himself the trade, a furniture maker in Melbourne relying on raw talent and the right materials, and a guy who has started a new trade in old stuff. We join two mates from Sydney as they ride their bikes across the Americas with no money and no training, and find out what it takes to live solo in the Alaskan wilderness for 30 years.

Our cover story salutes typewriters and the men who loved them, harking back to an era when gentlemen wrote in full words, without emoticons. Alain de Botton writes on 10 things he believes, Tex Perkins remembers a time when op-shops were full of gold and eight siblings discuss what it means to be good brothers. 

There are stories to inspire and bend your brain in there too: a rundown of quantum physics, the history of chess and post war classic cars that have stood the test of time. It’s time to stop talking and get stuck in. Whack Smith on your coffee table, hang on the toilet reading rack and enjoy the read.