Grab your government issue water ration and slip on your gas mask: Smith Journal volume 31 is going underground.

In this volume you’ll ponder the architecture of the world’s fallout shelters, go hunting with some hardy Greenlanders (and their hardier dogs), unearth teeny-tiny meteorites in your own backyard, and learn how to write the ultimate complaint letter care of Ernest Hemingway and Cormac McCarthy (or at least some more gettable writers pretending to be them). 

You’ll also trek through some mountains that may not actually exist, marvel at the artistry of pre-digital infographics, cop a noseful of the new Smell-o-Vision, and take an anthropological survey of the modern office. What else? Well, we’ve got Bruce Springsteen (sort of). We’ve got Indigenous artificial intelligence. We’ve got tarps (tarps!). We’ve got made-up languages that might just shape how you see reality itself.

Here's a peek at what's between the covers:

31 SJ current issue spread 1

On the Ice

Meet the hunters eeking out a life in the Arctic.

31 SJ current issue spread 2

Searching for Stardust

How to find a teeny-tiny meteorite to call your own.

31 SJ current issue spread 3

Letter of Complaint

Literature’s best writers would like to see the manager.

31 SJ current issue spread 4

The Mustard Sommelier

A day in the life of one of the hottest jobs in food.

Across the ditch: Volume 31 should hit stores in New Zealand on June 24. Ask your local if it's not on shelves then.

Overseas readers: We'll be with you in shortly (click here to find out when), but if that's too far away you can order a copy online and we'll send it straight out.