Hear that? That’s the sound of a new Smith Journal making its grand entrance into the world. Inside you’ll find stories brimming with energy, including a profile on the daredevils who ride India’s ‘Well of Death’ for a living; an exposé on the hothead who invented the first airplane (hint: it wasn’t who you think it was); and a chat with a bunch of park rangers who risk life and limb for nature. You’ll meet some Kiwis making very odd (and ancient) drinks, learn why Indigenous Australians might be the world’s first bakers, take a flight over some very surreal looking salt ponds, and learn how the Church of Satan is converting souls one tweet at a time. We also take a trip to Afghanistan (in a pink swan boat, no less), chat with author Richard Flanagan about the power of fiction, learn why comedian Tony Martin is in trouble with his mum, and consider some alternatives to investing in bitcoin (snake venom, anyone?). All this plus some modern-day stowaways, a day in the life of a professional lip reader, and a look at some scandalously fraudulent fish. Interest piqued? Go grab your copy now!

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The Well of Death

Meet the gravity (and seatbelt) defying stunt drivers who ride India's 'Well of Death'.

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Strange Brews

New Zealand beer geeks are doing weird and wonderful things with wine.

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Salt of the Earth

Our impact on the world can look quite pretty and surreal from up on high.

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Better Than Bitcoin?

Six spurious things to invest in, from dinosaur bones to antimatter.

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What Would Epicurus Do?

We put the ancient philosophy to the test (and become malnourished in the process).

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The Silent Treatment

Watch your mouth: Consuelo Gonzalez is a professional lip reader.

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