The Woodworker, Surfer and Skateboarder: Elise Cameron-Smith

Elise Cameron-Smith makes awesome boats and furniture from wood out of her workshop on the south coast of New South Wales. We travel a day in her life, as she reflects on work and creativity with refreshing honesty and wit.



The Crocheted Food Hat Artist: Chili Philly

Meet the utterly unique and mad-talented Melbourne crochet artist Phil Ferguson (aka @chiliphilly) who features in our latest frankie press book 'Look What We Made'. It charts the skills, inspirations, spaces and day-to-day lives of 38 makers from around the country.



Smith Journal volume 26

In Smith Journal volume 26, discover the secret life of Ken, meet bureaucrats from around the world and travel to Antarctica.



A Dying Art

When she's not lecturing at university, fashion designer Dr Pia Interlandi makes death masks and burial shrouds. In this film, she shares her unique take on living and dying. As featured in Smith Journal volume 26.


Smith Journal volume 25

Meet the Russian guy who builds his own land rockets, the nude model-turned-racing car driver who broke land speed records and hte NASA scientist who quit his job to focus on origami. Plus alien hunters, picklers and more.


Lord of Choas

Fantômas was the literary blueprint for baddies, villains and bloodthirsty maniacs everywhere. His rise to infamy was featured in Smith Journal volume 23.


The Sewing Machine Fixer

Former weightlifter Nick Ciancio has been fixing sewing machines ever since he was knocked back from the police force for being too short. Nick, and other industrious fixers, were featured in Smith Journal volume 13.


Bottled History

Ray Gascoigne has been around boats his whole life, as a shipwright, a merchant sailor, and now as a ship builder on the smallest dry dock there is: a bottle. As featured in Smith Journal volume 6.


The Smokehouse

Smith joins forces with Victorian grower, gatherer, hunter and cook Rohan Anderson to build a pioneer-style cold smokehouse. As featured in Smith Journal volume 4.