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The internet has made them ubiquitous. But as these sun-bleached charts and diagrams make clear, infographics have been with us since well before the computer – and they may have even shaped the arc of human history itself.  

If the prospect of clean, renewable energy isn’t enough, solar panels are pretty neat to look at, too.

In this extract from his new book, Motel, architecture nerd and comedian Tim Ross takes us on a daggy-yet-vaguely-glamorous trip down memory lane.

First, drink the beer. Then follow these handy instructions.

If you think golf is boring, wait till you look inside the balls.

Six Months at Sea

Friday June 21, 2019

What’s it like to live on a container ship for six months? Martin Machado did just that, and took a handheld video camera along to record the experience.

The boring world of trucks, depots and warehouses takes a very not-boring turn in Alex Lysakowski’s hands.

Along with a lot of knots you’ll never need but are nice to look at anyway.

Even the 1930s-era blast furnaces can’t thaw the frozen time.

In this extract from his new book, journalist Andrew Mueller reflects on a comically dark time in our nation’s musical and sporting history.