Alone in the Wilderness

Sunday November 06, 2011

Bob Swerer Sr. is an outdoorsman first and filmmaker second. Based at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, Bob Sr’s films document the wild just outside his doorstep and the frozen Alaskan ‘beyond’. It was through these films that we discovered Richard (Dick) Proenneke who we featured in Smith Journal volume one.

50 years and counting

Saturday November 05, 2011

While most of us were blissfully unaware of the existence of the Parkes radio telescope until the release of that 2000 film, The Dish, this venerable 64m wide metallic hemisphere has been purring along at the forefront of Australian astronomy for exactly half a century.

Not so gross national happiness

Thursday November 03, 2011

Sometime back in the 1970s, the tiny Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan decided to replace their Gross National Product with a measure of Gross National Happiness.

Go south young man

Thursday November 03, 2011

Even now, a trip to Antarctica isn’t all beer and skittles. Yes, modern-day scientists and explorers swaddle themselves in North Face and pack their protein bars, but frostbite is frostbite, however you measure it (with gangrenous fingers, perhaps?).

A picture is worth a thousand words

Thursday November 03, 2011

The music of Sigur Rós has always had a tenuous relationship with words.

Island Menu

Thursday November 03, 2011

Taswegians Samuel Shelley and Catherine Miller are two friends dedicated to food, fishing and photography, whose Island Menu blog should not be perused on an empty stomach.

The Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion

Thursday November 03, 2011

Visitors to the Dovrefjell-sunndalsfjella National Park in Dovre, Norway, can now fully appreciate the alpine ecosystem without stuffing it up.


Wednesday November 02, 2011

Halloween's just been and gone, so it's a fitting time to release a new edition of Mary Shelley's proto-horror novel Frankenstein.

Island Menu: Flounder and Mushrooms

Monday November 30, -0001

This month, Tassie cooks Island Menu make a 'fisherman's breakfast', caught on a moonless night and cooked the next morn with mushrooms and bacon. 

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