By The Book

Saturday December 10, 2011

Nicholas Jones is a man who takes the infinite possibilities of the book quite, ahem, literally. 

Replace the low-grade, poorly foiled chocolates of youth with high resolution images taken by the Hubble Telescope.

Field Candy

Friday December 09, 2011

It's Meredith weekend in Melbourne and anyone who's ever been will know that one of the challenges of the festival (along with the inevitable inclement weather and the cataclysmic hangover on Sunday) is finding your tent in the dark.

Waving the stick in the air

Thursday December 08, 2011

In this week's 'How To' Rohan stands in the cool water, puts a stick in the air and talks about baiting the fly fish.

Genuine Faker

Thursday December 08, 2011

Melbourne-native Chet Faker makes music that doesn't fit neatly in a box labelled 'folk' or 'soul' or 'electronic'.  

Real decent exposure

Thursday December 08, 2011

Five years ago, in a living room in Kentucky, Peter Tower and Victor Hicks welded, coded and built their own photobooth.

Walking on thin air

Wednesday December 07, 2011

A new walkway at Tianmen Mountain National Park in China puts two-and-a-half inches of glass between visitors and a crapload of thin air.

It takes all types

Wednesday December 07, 2011

Typewriters were the cover stars of Smith volume one and nobody in Australia knows more about them than Robert Messenger, owner of the Australian Typewriter Museum in Canberra. 

Head Full of Snakes

Tuesday December 06, 2011

If you have a 'head full of snakes' it means that you have baggage. Or you're crazy. Or you're crazy, with baggage. But in the case of a new publication by designers Luke Wood and Stuart Geddes, Head Full of Snakes means that they like motorbikes.

Liberty Tools

Tuesday December 06, 2011

If Smith were a moving image we hope it'd look something like Etsy's series 'There's no place like here'. One of the latest short films features Skip Brack, owner and 'head tool picker' at the Liberty Tool Company.