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Yes, this is all just an elaborate ruse to help you justify studying superheroes, zombies, pizzas, surfing and maple syrup.

You can almost smell the popcorn in these gyms, churches, discos and supermarkets.

Air control towers are some of the most high-pressure environments in the world. At least they look pretty. 

The Bob Emergency

Saturday May 11, 2019

Why are we running out of athletes named Bob? And more importantly, does it matter?

Ernest Shackleton braved 1500 kilometres of open ocean to save his shipwrecked crew. By all accounts, it was a thoroughly unpleasant journey. So scientist Tim Jarvis decided to experience it for himself.

It’s basically the Ocean’s Eleven of flightless bird thefts.

First, take a deep breath. Then read these instructions.

Photographer Kieran Dodds captures Ethiopia’s miniature Gardens of Edens.

Or is it sneakers that look like birds?