Spoon Fed

Tuesday July 09, 2013 Written by chris

Turns out food does actually taste better when eaten with your favourite spoon or fork. Thank you science, for telling us what we already knew.

According to a study published in the journal Flavour, cutlery, plates, bowls and other inedible items change the taste of the food piled into our open maws. This isn't to say it's not all in our heads – taste, the report says, has as much to do with the mind as the tongue. But it's proof that the first bite really is with the eyes (as well as the muscles lugging the cutlery up to our gullets).

Among the study's most important findings is the revelation that yoghurt tastes 15 per cent better when eaten with a silver spoon; rounded plastic packaging makes things taste sweeter (while angular ones bring out bitterness); and knives makes cheese taste saltier. If all else fails, the budding chef need only remember this: food will probably taste better when eaten off heavy plates using heavy cutlery. Time to bring out the good cast iron.

Image: Oddwood