Black Blood of the Earth

Tuesday December 10, 2013 Written by Nadia

Coffee that's 40 times stronger than a regular cup? In volume nine we spoke to Phil Broughton: a physicist who can disassemble a nuclear bomb and likes his coffee at a super-sonic strength.

Broughton is the kind of character you want to sit down and have a brew or beer with, so we did both, but the coffee was more intense than anything we've ever tasted and the beer came in a stein that would keep it cold in the desert.

Both Black Blood of the Earth (BBoTE) and Steins of Science are side projects of Broughton's. He's a full time physicist Berkeley by day, and a mad scientist at home by night.

BBoTE can be bought online, or picked up thanks to local ambassadors from Portland to Perth.

From time to time Broughton is partial to mixing BBoTE with booze, and the recipes for his various favorite concoctions are many and bombastic.

'Andy's Breakfast' is named after a friend of Broughton's who works in the local St George Spirits Distillery, and is as follows: in a pint glass, mix three parts absinthe let loose over ice, two parts 'Death Wish' Black Blood of the Earth and a dash of chipotle vodka. Fill the rest with chocolate soy milk.

It tastes, Broughton says, "like a Mexican hot chocolate that took a side trip through New Orleans".

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