Ever wondered what the solar system looked like at the precise moment you burst forth into the world? (Possibly not, but in case you had, well – now you can see a snapshot of it. And you can even get it printed on a poster.)

DIY Scientists

Wednesday September 13, 2017

What would make you expose yourself to hoards of mosquitoes, cover yourself in someone else’s sweat, or have a red hot go at a spot of self-catheterisation? 

A Spinning Ice Circle in Seattle

Tuesday September 05, 2017

A hypnotic and other-worldly short film captures a spinning ice circle in a North American river.

We’ve done a lot of research into what it’ll take to live on Mars. But one activity has been frustratingly neglected: human reproduction. Here’s what we know about this surprisingly complex endeavour. 

Trees with ‘crown shyness’ avoid touching each other – and they make some nice-looking patterns in the process.

Forget navigating by the stars: next time you find yourself lost in the bush without a compass, grab yourself a cow. 

A Dictionary of Antarctic Slang

Sunday August 13, 2017

From ‘degomble’ to ‘greenout’ and ‘offensive potatoes’, Antarctic lingo really is its own unique ‘fingy’. This list breaks down the continent’s strange terminology.

We interviewed the now outgoing ‘planetary protection officer’ back in autumn. Read our profile of one of the strangest jobs on the planet here. 

Scientists have finally worked out why 2000-year-old Roman concrete is stronger than the modern stuff – and grows stronger every year.

The concept art makes it look like something from the far-flung future, but floating “micro-nations” are apparently just a few years away. Here’s where the first one is being built.