Could We Be Martians?

Friday January 12, 2018

Humans are obsessed with finding ET… but does this meteorite evidence suggest that we’re the aliens?

Scientists have just invented an algorithm that sifts through patterns of the stars to help identify whale sharks. Confused? Intrigued? So are we…

Moon landing conspiracy theorists, climate change sceptics and flat-earthers: you’re on notice. 

How To Dispose of a Spacecraft

Wednesday December 06, 2017

We’re pretty good at rocketing things up into space. But when it comes to building a ‘spacecraft cemetery’ for the stuff afterwards… not so much. 

Four Unkillable Houseplants

Tuesday December 05, 2017

This list of indestructible plants will help you get some green in your life (and keep it there).

Could the eBay of drugs - aka the dark net - actually save lives? Criminologist James Martin thinks so.

The Farmers of New York

Friday November 24, 2017

A skyscraper might seem an unlikely place for a veggie garden. Yet that’s exactly where this Brooklyn startup is growing its fresh food – and they're starting a little revolution in how we farm.

What happens when your furry friend Wayne (or Fido, or Fluffy) dies? We've scoured the net for the most unique ways to godspeed your pet.

When places of learning make number twos their number one focus. 

Have a stickybeak at this: a radical initiative to recruit crows to rid Amsterdam's streets of cigarette butts. But will the idea fly?