Dr Ryan Jefferies spends his days around mummified heads, body parts afflicted with various diseases and a real-life ‘mermaid’. We asked him all about it. 

See what your street looked like when dinosaurs lived on it.

Your Body Under Water

Monday August 13, 2018

The amazing phenomena that keeps us alive when we dive.

But some scientists in Hungary have just quashed one.

An environmentally friendly (albeit pretty odd) way to deal with death.

This story will either make you wish you’d paid attention in high school biology or you to watch Jurassic Park again.

Asteroids named after mythological figures are nothing new. But plenty of real-life people have their own eponymous space rocks too – and it’s not always who you’d expect.

These kites-on-steroids are hypnotic to stare at… and might just portend the future of emission-free commercial flights. 

They may look like sci-fi monsters in a state of suspended animation, but these sperm whales are simply demonstrating the art of the underwater power nap. 

Forget aliens or a message from God: this homegrown theory about crop circles is less X-Files and more Apple Isle (and um... stoned wallabies).