Dr Andrew Parker once solved a prehistoric mystery in one fell swoop – and it all had to do with an eyeball. Now, according to the author and biologist, it's time industry caught up. 

Kamer Maker

Tuesday March 26, 2013

3D printers may still be a hobbyhorse flogged by a fringe group of technologists, design enthusiasts and the odd architect, but soon there will probably be one in every household.

A Surprising Substance

Tuesday March 19, 2013

What’s black and white, looks like dirt but also cleans basically everything it touches? Charcoal. Apparently. 

Aerial eye charts

Tuesday March 05, 2013

They might not look like much on the ground but these calibration targets are basically eye charts for airplanes. 

The Super Supercapacitor

Tuesday February 26, 2013

The wheel, antibiotics, the steam engine and the printing press are inventions that have changed the course of history. But what if there was an accidental discovery that could not only change the world, but save it at the same time?

Science Explained Simply

Thursday February 14, 2013

Nine months after the Higgs boson was discovered by smashing shit together under Europe, most people still struggle to explain what it all actually means. Why? Because scientists speak a strange language, known as jargon.

Stargazing with Brian Cox

Monday February 11, 2013

Brian Cox is a nerd who's way cooler than any of us. When we spoke to him recently, the professor of particle physics, physicist at CERN's laboratory in Geneva and former keyboardist for U.K. band D:Ream was all keyed up about stars. 

Road-tripping on Mars

Friday February 01, 2013

Getting from Earth to Mars is one hell of a roadtrip. The planets are a cosy 54.6 million kilometres away from one another and an average journey is going to set you back 250 days. Start driving early.

CD vs Vinyl

Wednesday January 16, 2013

Does vinyl actually sound better than a CD? Here's an explanation courtesy of science.

A Man's Worth

Monday January 14, 2013

There seems to be a lot to us humans. A lot of loose organs and skin and blood and fat and brain. Kilos and kilos of the stuff. And apparently if you were to sell all those bits on the black market, you could net yourself a cool $45 million.