Precious Plastic

Monday November 18, 2013

Plastic, the old adage goes, is made to last forever but designed to throw away. Dave Hakkens took matters into his own hands.

Magic Asphalt

Wednesday November 13, 2013

Science just invented asphalt that repairs itself. Goodbye pot holes, hello brave new world where inanimate objects don’t need us anymore.

Why Libraries Smell

Friday October 25, 2013

Proving that there is no mystery too small to bother solving, science has finally worked out why libraries smell that way. Short answer: cellulose decay.

Four Down

Wednesday September 25, 2013

Bad news for cruciverbalists (noun. a person who enjoys doing crosswords): crosswords don’t make you smarter. So many wasted Sundays.

Sunday Reading: Aeon magazine

Sunday September 15, 2013

Aeon may be one of the last high-end digital magazines not currently hidden behind a paywall. If this was the face of the new media landscape we’d be pretty happy with that.

Sculpting Science

Wednesday August 21, 2013

Bobby Jaber is a retired chemistry teacher with a hobby. No, he’s not making meth. He’s making “spherical porcelain vessels” (that’s “ceramic molecules” in layperson).

Hear This

Friday August 16, 2013

Today in ‘Crazy Shit 3D Printers Can Apparently Do’: 3D printers can apparently 3D-print new ears. Crazy.

Tune-In Tuesday: Science Times

Tuesday August 13, 2013

What do killer whales, drug-resistant germs, and a harp the size of a mountainside have in common?

Lab-Grown Meat

Friday August 09, 2013

No cows were harmed in the production of this hamburger, which is why it took $325,000 and a team of scientists to make. 

Wonders Of Life (DVD giveaway)

Wednesday July 31, 2013

In Wonders of Life, physicist Brian Cox brings science to the masses in a way that only Carl Sagan and David Attenborough did before him.