The story of how one concerned citizen singlehandedly saved an entire butterfly species from extinction – in his own backyard. 

35,000 Feet Under the Sea

Saturday July 23, 2016

The Challenger Deep is thought to be the deepest part of the ocean – further under the surface than an upside-down Mount Everest.

Here are those photos of plants casually demonstrating the mathematical beauty of nature you ordered.

Rise of the Robot Lawyers

Wednesday July 13, 2016

The world’s first artificially intelligent lawyer has just been hired by a U.S. law firm. And we, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

Dude, Where's My Jetpack?

Wednesday July 06, 2016

After decades of empty promises from science fiction films, jetpacks are finally about to take off in a big way. And the U.S. military is paying close attention.

Today is international Asteroid Day. To mark the event, we’ve ranked the solar system’s most famous asteroids (and a few comets) from worst to best.

How to See Like a Dolphin

Tuesday June 21, 2016

The children of Thailand's "sea nomads" all have one superpower: underwater, they can see like dolphins. Here's how.

Spotting the Ramadan Moon

Saturday June 18, 2016

Think your job is stressful? Try being the guy who has to declare the beginning of Ramadan just by looking at the moon. Here’s how he does it, and what it all means.

Birds vs. Drones

Friday June 10, 2016

Want to take down a drone? Send in an eagle. At least that’s the advice from Dutch police.

The Library of Rare Colours

Tuesday June 07, 2016

Harvard’s pigment collection isn’t just extraordinarily beautiful – it’s also totally poisonous.