Aboriginal astronomy fuses 60,000 years of Indigenous knowledge with theoretical physics – and modern street maps. 

Travel back in time with this soundscape from the world’s leading “archaeologist of sound”. 

A Nearly-Perfect Hangover Cure

Sunday January 01, 2017

Good news: Lucky Peach reckon they've discovered the perfect hangover cure. Bad news: it's probably quite unpalatable – especially when you’re hung-over.

They’ve been doing it for 1000 years. And it smells goood.

Every Tree in New York City

Wednesday December 21, 2016

There are exactly 666,134 trees lining New York City’s filthy streets. And someone has made a map detailing every one of them.

Underwater Farms

Monday December 19, 2016

Could underwater “farm pods” solve the planet’s food issues? Apparently so, according to these aquatic farmers. 

The World’s Longest Pub Crawl

Sunday December 11, 2016

A team of mathematicians has mapped the shortest trip to visit 25,000 pubs in one (very boozy) go.

Forget shredding axes – this band uses Tesla coils to create their sound.

This Berlin science lab is creating a new language to identify the things we smell. 

She wrote an entire book on how dark matter may have killed the dinosaurs. Now she's coming to Australia – and we have some tickets to give away.