We interviewed the now outgoing ‘planetary protection officer’ back in autumn. Read our profile of one of the strangest jobs on the planet here. 

Scientists have finally worked out why 2000-year-old Roman concrete is stronger than the modern stuff – and grows stronger every year.

The concept art makes it look like something from the far-flung future, but floating “micro-nations” are apparently just a few years away. Here’s where the first one is being built.

You don’t need to be an archaeologist to solve Stonehenge’s mysteries – you just need to build this tiny wooden model.

They mightn’t make it the nicest place to live, but Jupiter’s monstrous, Earth-sized cyclones sure look pretty. 

Your decedents are going to have a very different night sky above them, according to this video from the European Space Agency.

Norway’s futuristic-looking Global Seed Vault is getting a new wing to protect the world’s data from disaster. 

The Dictionary of Winds

Thursday April 06, 2017

Forget Eskimos and their 50 words for ice: this meteorologist has compiled a list of just about every type of wind you can poke a weathervane at, from Abroholos to Zephyros and many other hair-ruffling gusts in between.

It was declared extinct over 100 years ago, but the elusive Australian night parrot is making a miraculous comeback­.