Every Tree in New York City

Thursday October 03, 2019 Written by Garry

Trees of NYC

When you think of New York City, there are probably a whole bunch of things that spring to mind before you consider the diversity and density of its tree – rather than its human – population.

Sure, Central Park is about as famous as any urban green space can get, but what about the trees dotted along the streets and avenues of Manhattan? The greenery in Brooklyn and Queens? The foliage of Staten Island and the Bronx?

Well, in 2015 the NYC Parks organisation conducted a census of every tree in greater New York City, and amassed an incredible amount of data about the locations, varieties, and even diameters of the city’s expansive tree population.

Trees of NYC

The results of the census are open to exploration over at New York City Parks’ dedicated tree map site, but Brooklyn resident and web developer Jill Hubley has taken things one step further: she’s created this colourful and interactive digital overlay map using the data collected from the census.

Using Hubley’s map, you can filter each one of New York City’s 666,134 trees by species (of which the London Planetree is the most prevalent), or select “all” and take comfort in the fact that even in one of the world’s biggest cities, trees still thrive and survive, and organisations like NYC Parks and indeed the city’s residents, very much care about their survival. 

Trees of NYC