Become a Citizen of the Trash Isles

Saturday September 28, 2019 Written by Garry

You may have heard about the floating island of garbage in the Pacific Ocean, and perhaps dismissed it as an urban – or nautical – myth. Sadly though, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is very real and it continues to accumulate more and more of the trash (plastic in particular) that finds its way into our oceans. Now, the island has grown so much you can become a citizen of it.

Well, kind of. Trash Isles is a campaign aimed at drawing attention to the island’s existence, yes, but more importantly, to the destructive impact of plastics that end up in the ocean. It's the brainchild of creative duo Dal and Mike, who’ve put their design and advertising skills to good use, designing a passport, postal stamps and currency for the most rubbish place to live on earth. The imagery is as depressing as you’d imagine: seabirds caught in six-pack rings and aquatic mammals suffocated by plastic bags. The first passport holder, and naturalised citizen of Trash Isles, is climate change warrior Al Gore, no less. You can see the great man spearheading this campaign here