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The Calming Beauty of Fractals in Nature

Friday February 28, 2020 Written by Chris

There’s a lot we could say about fractals. We could tell you that they occur everywhere in nature, from the largest spiral galaxies down to the smallest seashells. Or that they’re based on complicated mathematical equations that turn chaos into order, resulting in infinitely recurring self-similar patterns that some people refer to as “sacred geometry”.

All of which is true, and endlessly fascinating, and maybe even meaningful on both a scientific and spiritual level. (Do fractals reveal to us something about the mind of God? Maybe!)

Sometimes, though, you don’t need an explanation. Sometimes you just need a bunch of photos of plants casually revealing the mathematical beauty of nature without giving a toss about geometry, or metaphysics, or the stoned-out ramblings of someone who’s seen The Matrix a few too many times.

In other words, sometimes you just need these calming photos of fractals in plants, care of TimeWheel.net. We’re happy to oblige.