The Top Five Animals to Keep as Pets, According to Science

Saturday August 10, 2019 Written by Smith

Best pets according to science

Because scientists love nothing more than countering our flimsy human feelings with cold, emotionless facts, a bunch of them published a study about which animals make the best pets, and concluded that cats and dogs don’t even make it into the top 25.

The report, published in Frontiers in Veterinary Science, rated 90 different species on a range of criteria covering everything from how well they cope in captivity to whether or not they’re dangerous to humans. And the top five? Drumroll:

  1. the Sika Deer
  2. the Agile Wallaby
  3. the Tamar Wallaby
  4. a Llama
  5. the Asian Palm Civet.

Clearly ease of availability wasn’t heavily weighted in the criteria. (Nor social status among your peers.) Either way, we’re sure the Wageningen University scientists behind this very sensible list have their reasons for suggesting we all ditch our best friends for wallabies and a type of deer you can only find in Japan. And to be fair, the study only looked at mammals, so the jury is technically still out on whether Jub-Jub could be your next Fido.

The entire top 25 is below.

Best pets according to science