How to Land a Plane (Even if You've Never Flown One)

Wednesday May 08, 2019 Written by Toby

Let's say you're on a plane and the pilot is out of action and you've decided to spend your final minutes as your hurtle towards the earth browsing the Smith Journal blog. While we can't fault your good taste, might we recommend taking a brief break from our expertly curated selection of interesting content to read a quick refresher on how to land the thing first?

Over at Wired, pilot and author Mark Vanhoenacker has a helpful extract from his aptly named book How to Land a Plane. You might not have the time now to skim a whole book, so there’s a rundown of everything you need to know when it comes to what the industry politely refers to as “non-normal situations”.

Like many things in the aviation, the plan boils down to an acronym: ANC (Aviate, Navigate, Communicate). From there, it gets a little more technical and complicated, so we’ll leave it to Vanhoenacker to steer you through the finer details. Once you’re on autopilot, though, feel free to come back for a browse.