Beautiful Photos of Weird Science Experiments

Wednesday January 30, 2019 Written by Ronan

The phrase 'human experimentation’ might conjure up some pretty terrifying visuals (none less so than those of Barney Gumble), but there is a gentle stillness to Daniel Stier’s photos of scientists experimenting strange devices on themselves and their volunteers.

Compiled in the book Ways of Knowing, the series opens the doors to science labs from around the world.

The book is deliberately open-ended; Stier provides no captions or descriptions of the intents and aims behind the curious contraptions featured (though he does include essays from an artist and astrophysicist on the topic of science, generally, to sate the reader’s thirst for knowledge.) Instead, the reader is invited to inquire, guess and wonder. Which is kind of what science is all about.

It’s out through Yes Editions, and available for pre-order through Stier’s site.

via It's Nice That