The Science of Politely Ending a Conversation

Saturday January 26, 2019 Written by Kane

Everybody’s had to end a conversation at some point. Perhaps you’re being assailed by someone who's all mouth and no smarts and need to shut it down quicker than Superman at a kryptonite convention. Or maybe you just had to run to the John. Should you find yourself in either situation, it's best to end things politely and in a manner backed up by science.

There's been a surprising amount of research on how to do this, which may or may not tell us something about how much scientists enjoy causal conversation. Website Co.Design has a handy little guide to negotiating the task.

So read up, and next time you've got to split just remember: content summary statement, justification, positive affect statement, continuity, and well-wishing. So… yep. Well. Got to go now. Bye.