What the Solar System Was Up to on your Birthday

Sunday September 17, 2017 Written by Garry

If you ever lose your way in the space-time continuum and need to figure out your coordinates, then this could be the answer. Space-obsessed French artist govy and web designer Martin Vézina are the brains behind SpaceTime Coordinates. They use NASA data and algorithms to pinpoint the position of the planets on the day you were born – as much as it's possible to "pinpoint" something in an area that's around nine billion kilometres wide. They then print this unique snapshot onto colour art posters, tshirts and mementos cast in metal. See their Kickstarter campaign for more. 

Also worth a visit is a solar system simulator called jsOrrery. It was created by Vézina as a fun side-project because he felt like he was "losing too much time in my life doing meaningless crap". It lets you see what's happening in the solar system in real time, and in case you need some perspective on life, it also lets you experience the solar system from the point of view of other planets.