A Dictionary of Antarctic Slang

Sunday August 13, 2017 Written by Genevieve

No bones about it, homo sapiens are hell bent on fabricating, shaping and wielding euphemisms, analogies, and slang. One place that has developed a particularly cool set of slang terms understood only by its very unique inhabitants is Antarctica. Apart from the fact that they are functioning in some of the most extreme climate conditions on Earth, the majority of Antarctica’s residents are scientists or researchers from an array of other countries. These people need to frequently and casually convey things to each other that would probably make no sense to those who aren’t living on an icy, isolated rock. And they do it with hilarious style, as this Mental Floss list of Antarctic slang-terms demonstrates. 

Our favourites include ‘greenout’, ‘offensive potatoes’, ‘degomble’ and ‘fingy’ – all of which are demystified on Mental Floss. Oh, and ‘turdsicle’ – though you might not need to read the list to work out what that refers to.