The World’s First Floating City is Coming in 2019

Sunday July 16, 2017 Written by Garry

The concept art makes it look like something from the far-flung future (or a sci-fi book from the 1960s), but floating cities might actually be closer to reality than we think. In fact, construction of the first of (potentially) many floating cities is due to start in 2019, with the creation of a micro-nation on an artificial island in the safety of a Tahitian lagoon.

The state of French Polynesia is apparently all for it, and has agreed to host the city for the Seasteading Institute, an idealistic but nonetheless intriguing organisation trying to get this ambitious project off the ground and onto the water. 

Details about who exactly will govern the proposed city remain unclear. The Seasteading Institute is in the market of building start-up societies with “innovative governance models,” and seeks political autonomy for its floating cities despite being under the protection of a ‘host’ nation.

By the organisation's own admission the audacious vision will take decades to realise. For now, the task at hand is to just get the thing built and floating. New systems of governance on artificial offshore islands will have to wait for now.