New NASA Photos Make Jupiter Look Like a van Gogh Painting

Friday May 26, 2017 Written by Smith


They mightn’t make it the nicest place to live, but Jupiter’s monstrous, Earth-sized cyclones sure look pretty. That’s what we’re taking away from the first close-up snaps of the planet care of NASA’s Juno probe, which took a trip around the gas giant nearly a year ago. (Interstellar photos take a while to develop, apparently.)

What you’re looking at here are shots of Jupiter’s aurora-covered north and south poles, which put on a never-ending electric light show – the result of a magnetic field 10 times more powerful than our own. Even clouds on Jupiter are exciting: some are so tall they can be seen on the night side of the planet, illuminated by sun creeping over the horizon.

Here’s hoping more snaps are on the way.