The Elusive, Supposedly Extinct Night Parrot Returns

Tuesday March 28, 2017 Written by Smith

It was declared extinct over 100 years ago, but the elusive Australian night parrot is making a miraculous comeback. That’s the news currently rocking the birdwatching world, as reports that birdwatchers from Broome have photographed the mysterious parrot in Western Australia – some 2000 kilometres from the last reported sighting in Queensland in 2013.

The bird basically vanished at the beginning of last century, leading experts to conclude it had gone the way of its flightless cousin, the dodo. But that notion was challenged by the Queensland sighting four years ago, and has now been debunked by this photo of the bird in action.

The photo was taken by birdwatcher Bruce Greatwich, who was alerted to the night parrot’s presence after hearing an unfamiliar call in the night. So far Greatwich and his team are remaining tight-lipped about the exact location of the sighting, to protect the birds from possible poaching. So while it’s nice to know the bird is out there, for practical purposes it’s more or less as elusive as ever.

For more details, read this report from ABC News