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What’s Out Your Window?

Wednesday November 13, 2019

Ever looked out an airplane window and wondered what crazy stuff you were flying over? Now there is, as they say, an app for that.

Every Tree in New York City

Thursday October 03, 2019

There are exactly 666,134 trees lining New York City’s filthy streets. And someone has made a map detailing every one of them.

Become a Citizen of the Trash Isles

Saturday September 28, 2019

Now you can score yourself a passport and local currency to go and live in the most rubbish place on earth. (Even Al Gore's got one.)

Why does your brain put stuff off? We’ll explain tomorrow…

We guarantee your starter isn’t as old as this.

Here are those photos of plants casually demonstrating the mathematical beauty of nature you ordered.

Apparently we should all have pet wallabies.

Inside the Shape of a Migraine

Wednesday August 07, 2019

Migraines might suck, but they sure can look pretty. 

We rarely see an image like this without any sunspots.

Meet the slimy mollusc that eats rocks and excretes them as sand. 

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