The Zen of Large-Format Photography

Friday December 20, 2019 Written by Kane

The photography war between analogue and digital may have been all but decided in favour of the newcomer, but practitioners of large-format photography are holding back the digital assault with some very tangible, very large-calibre shells. 

Despite the advances in technology, it’s generally agreed that an old-timey bellows camera loaded up with four-by-five-inch frames of film is still going to resolve a lot more detail than most new-timey contraptions, no matter how many ones and zeros they may have at their disposal.

Film may be holding out qualitatively but, watching this short-form documentary about photographer Joseph Allen Freeman, it’s certainly less convenient. But damn if that doesn’t mean the craft, with all its exhausting mechanics, wins again. That is, unless a DSLR purchased on Amazon can make you a handsome, cigarette-smoking font of coarsely ground wisdom. Which, honestly, it probably can’t.