Shooting stuff with Washed Out

Friday January 27, 2012 Written by smith

Ernest Greene from Washed Out is known for making music on stage, but he's also pretty handy with a camera. We spoke to him about taking photos on the road. 


Tell us about your photos.

I've been shooting photos for two or three years now. I try to always have a camera with me when we're on the road and shoot mostly film. For me, it's mainly about documenting where we are and the weird situations that we find ourselves in on the road.


What kind of camera do you use?

I use an Olympus Stylus Epic - a pocket-sized camera for day-to-day tour stuff. It's great because it's so cheap, I don't worry too much about the situation I'm in and whether or not it might get fucked up. For more composed shots I use a Fuji GA645... It's one of the cheapest medium format cameras I've found and has a really sharp lens.


Do you have any photo-related projects on the go?

I've got a tonne of shots from various tours over the last few years - but there nothing conceptually tying them together. Probably the closest thing to a 'real' project I've been working on is a series of photos of my wife; we've been all over the world the last few years and I've been collecting shots of her in various landscapes and hotel rooms.


What are your photo triggers - what makes you pick up the camera?

The subject matter is first - and that becomes harder and harder the more stuff I do. You can only take so many pictures of sunsets, especially now that it's an Instagram world. Composition is important, there needs to be a natural balance in the shot and good light - it doesn't matter what you're shooting. I don't do much processing of an image so the light and exposure needs to be right from the beginning.

Washed Out is currently touring with Toro Y Moi for Laneway Festival. They're also playing live at Manning Bar in Sydney on February 8 and Melbourne's Hi-Fi Bar on February 9.