Real decent exposure

Thursday December 08, 2011 Written by wilfred

Five years ago, in a living room in Kentucky, Peter Tower and Victor Hicks welded, coded and built their own photobooth.

Realising that old school booths were fast becoming an endangered species, the duo made the MagBooth.

Magnolia Photo Booth Co. keeps the spirit of ye old chemical booths intact; they've updated the digital technology and added a variety of photo shapes and sizes to the iconic four-photo strip format. 

Peter and Victor now rent booths for special events from outlets in Louisville, San Fran, Austin, Chicago, Chattanooga, Denver and New York - but they also travel further a field.

Two MagBooth employees hit the road earlier this year in a custom-made, solar-powered photobooth van, handing out free photos to people all across the U.S. Look for a book commemorating their trip sometime in the near future.