Naoki Ishikawa

Monday June 11, 2012 Written by tait

Japanese photographer Naoki Ishikawa climbed Mount Everest twice before receiving his PhD in fine art. This means he's seen things we might never see in ways we will probably never know.

His photos are visual artefacts from his worldly adventures: tunnels, caves, rivers, houses built into rock, smoke billowing from volcanic earth and wall paintings from the ancient world.

Ishikawa first climbed Everest when he was 23. At the time he was the youngest person to scale the seven summits. He took 120 rolls of film along and on returning produced a series of work called 8848, referencing the height of the world's tallest mountain. The photos are majestic, almost magical (particularly the photo of the three buffalos) and the story of his climb is an epic in itself.