Luke Byrne

Monday June 04, 2012 Written by tait

Looking at Luke Byrne's photos feels like an endless roadtrip, which is beautiful and all, but you're cooped-up in an office looking at websites while he's on the road seeing the things to see. It's enough to make a man jealous.

Jumping off ridiculous rocks, setting a banana on fire and milling about at a watering hole are the happy snaps of a young explorer. It's called the good life and Luke seems to be living it around the clock - fair enough - when you've got time on your side and people to spend it with.

But it's the moments Luke gets introspective, like he's not trying to tell that story, that gives us a better understanding of his perspective. As a cool, quiet observer, he finds moments of stillness in the mess of young adulthood. Like a boy in the mist, a girl in the next room, or a skater in an empty street. There's a narrative in each of these photographs that goes beyond roadtrips, cute girls and things to be jealous about. But then again, maybe it's time we got on the road too.