Georgian Bunkers

Monday July 21, 2014 Written by Chris

Nothing a coat of paint can’t fix. Take these photos of Georgian bunkers. Made from truck carriages and old railroad cars, they served as military stations for both Georgian and Russian armies.

While most were abandoned after the war in '08, some still eke out an existence as makeshift cafes, bars and houses for workers along the windswept foothills. Photographer Nino Trentinella returned home to capture their desolate beauty, a touch of DIY flair in a Eurasian ghost town.

Or as Trentinella puts it, "There is an essential poetry at play in the silent erosion of rust, the decomposition of materials, the decay of colours and the disappearance of these traces of men – remains of a bygone era haunted more than inhabited by a nostalgic population still living in the idealised memories of its Soviet past." With paint jobs like this, who'd idealise the past?

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