Mystery of the Split Rocks

Saturday February 10, 2018 Written by Kane

Sometimes you’ve just got to take a moment out of your day to gaze at an inexplicable petroglyph located in Tayma – about an eight-hour drive out of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Take a little time to take in two rocks poised on insubstantial plinths, separated by a thin, perfectly vertical gap.

Appreciate the empty divide. Perfect, as if the rock were geologic Gruyère de Comté to which the almighty took a wire cheese slicer. Take a breath and believe the people at the Arabian Rock Art Heritage site when they tell you it’s a naturally occurring phenomenon, though we have no idea how it came to be. (It's possible the ground shifted beneath one of the supports and split the rock in two, or that another kind of rock formed in between the crack before dissolving. Who knows.)

Pan around their 536-megapixel image of the formation and observe the details of the engravings on its planar surface. When your reflection is over, when the beauty of its equilibrium is engraved into your mind like the marks on the rock, you will walk away knowing that from the rear, yes, it totally looks like a butt.