Cross Country Photography

Friday May 25, 2018

It’s been a while since a photographer has made us sit up in our seat and say “Whoa”. Kevin Russ just broke the drought.

From abandoned mills to antique train shows, John Sanderson’s images explore the ideology and reality of modern life in the U.S. 

We totally dig these photos of terrible gardens. 

Motels have never looked eerier than in this series by photographer Brett Patman. 

What happens when an American photographer meets a 34th-generation samurai? These photos of a modern-day community keeping an 800-year-old tradition alive, that’s what.

Because there’s more to drones than just annoying your neighbours.

Big, beautiful, strange and deserted: this is the American West as captured by photographer Paul Sisson as he travels the back roads to nowhere.

Sometimes, size does matter. Like when it comes to your record collection. These photos take us inside some of the biggest around the world, and introduce us to the obsessive folk behind them.

Think Coney Island and you normally think theme parks and hot dogs, right? Turns out it also has a mysterious ship graveyard, too...

By cutting photos up and weaving them together, Lala Abaddon takes collage to a whole new level.