Christopher Ireland

Monday May 28, 2012

Sydney photographer Christopher Ireland has a background in advertising and commercial portraiture, but he recently turned his eye toward some of the less-acknowledged spaces of Australian society. 

Andrew B. Myers

Wednesday May 16, 2012

Canadian photographer Andrew B. Myers shoots in a surreal, alternative reality of pale pastel colours, vintage objects and curious juxtapositions.

Photographs of Power

Monday May 07, 2012

For the past 15 years Jeremy Blakeslee has taken the often dangerous journey into the magnificent remnants and ruins of America's industrial history.

Jasper White

Thursday May 03, 2012

By finding new angles on familiar subjects, UK photographer Jasper White creates images that trigger an emotional reaction.

Phil Anderson

Monday April 30, 2012

In a discipline in which artists seem to prefer to let their images do all the talking for them, Phil Anderson is refreshingly candid about the process and motivations behind his photography.

Maddie the Coonhound

Friday April 27, 2012

We all know the internet is for watching videos of cats wearing funny hats and playing musical instruments. But here's something for dog folk - Maddie the Coonhound, balancing on things.

Daniel Lilley

Monday April 23, 2012

Daniel Lilley's portraits seem to be taken the moment after his subject puffed out his/her chest and presented their 'best side'. They're posing, but they're somehow caught off-guard.

Where's Liu?

Monday April 16, 2012

Contemporary art meets Where's Wally whimsy in the work of Chinese artist, Liu Bolin ('The Invisible Man'), who paints himself into urban environments.


Friday April 13, 2012

From the same red-headed mastermind that brought us the Independent Photography Festival, Tourisms is an online travel guide that cuts the crap.


Friday March 30, 2012

This photo series by Elliot Wilcox captures the beautiful imperfections of humble sporting arenas.