Q&A with Delly Carr

Tuesday September 24, 2013

Delly Carr was never the first pick for the cricket team, but that didn't stop him becoming one of Australia's top sports photographers. The multi-award winner and Nikon Ambassador explains what it's like to snap the fastest people on the planet.

Greg Holland

Saturday September 21, 2013

Based in Yangon, British photographer Greg Holland has been on the ground watching things change in Myanmar, while the rest of us look on from afar.

The Independent Photo Festival is back for year two. If you can take a decent photo and want to see it on the wall of a Melbourne gallery, we suggest you head here. 

Ryo Yamauchi

Saturday September 07, 2013

If there's a country to traverse at the slow, meditative pace of a bicycle, it's Iceland – and Ryo Yamauchi's snaps prove it.

Bonneville Bound

Monday August 19, 2013

Sydney-based photographer Simon Davidson seems to love the smell of petrol. So what better place to document than the salt flat races in Bonneville, Utah? 

Harry Culy

Tuesday August 13, 2013

Harry Culy's lens bounces rapidly between empty cinemas, farm landscapes, Buddhist monks and skinheads. Oddest of all: for a Jack of all trades, he pulls each off like a specialist.

David Boyson Cooper

Monday August 05, 2013

Ah, to amble through the Scottish Highlands and Shetland peaks like David Boyson Cooper...

Lars Focke

Monday July 29, 2013

Lars Focke spends a lot of time at airports, train stations and stadiums. Once there, the German photographer turns away from the departure or score board to capture the architectural detail of each space.

Pippa Drummond

Monday July 08, 2013

Instagram food porn has given food photography a bad name, but bringing it back is Pippa Drummond.

History Repeats

Tuesday June 25, 2013

The people in Jim Naughten’s photos are unstuck in time. With soldiers in their 70s alongside children in the battlefields of World War II, his Re-enactors series takes familiar historical icons and recasts them in an odd light.