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It turns out the Windy City has more going for it than great music and lots of, ah, wind: it also has some of the best-looking garage doors we’ve ever seen.

Photographer Robert Clark captures professional taxidermy artists in their natural state.

Last Drinks: Ryan Cremer

Saturday April 16, 2016

Ryan Cremer’s photos are an attempt to preserve an endangered species: the small town pub.

Dogs in Disguise

Friday April 15, 2016

To celebrate the end of the working week, here are some photos of dogs that have been made to look like other animals. Because why the hell not.

Joshua Cunliffe Photography

Monday April 04, 2016

If you’re looking for a photographer who can capture the Australian bush in all its rugged beauty (as well as the people who call it home), Joshua Cunliffe is your guy.

Tom Keifer takes photos of the personal items that have been confiscated from migrants and smugglers trying to pass into the U.S. His shots take a story usually told in statistics and political rhetoric, and turn in into something far more personal. 

Road Tripping in the 1970s

Monday March 21, 2016

Taken during a seven-year road trip in the 1970s, Stephen Shore's photos show just how extraordinary the ordinary can be.

The World’s Smallest Churches

Saturday March 19, 2016

These photos showcase some of the world’s less-decorated places of worship. Because not everyone can afford Michelangelo.

Once the prize jewels of the Space Age, many of America’s space facilities are now lying in ruin. But as these photos prove, that only makes them all the more interesting.

Borders without Borders

Wednesday March 09, 2016

Valerio Vincenzo's photo series shows us what a world with free and open borders can look like. (Hint: a lot nicer than giant walls.)