Turns out 2017 actually looked kinda nice from above.

Other-Worldly, Tiny Italian Shops

Monday February 05, 2018

We fell hard for these hidden gems of shops that hark back to a different time and place, when people were connected, and 7/11s were not a thing. 

Jan Banning travelled the world to photograph the last remaining communist parties on film, and the behind-the-scenes stories are sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking.

Need an egg, orange or bowl of flying fish soup? Japan's vending machines have you covered. All 5.5 million of them...

Germany’s Old and New Bowling Alleys

Wednesday November 08, 2017

Germany is chock-full of kitschy bowling alleys, and Robert Götzfried has had a decent go at photographing them all.

The 'Grands Ensembles’ of Paris were described as a “landscape of urban despair” by art critic Robert Hughes… but one photographer reveals them in an evocative new light.

These eye-bending images make you feel a bit like Jimmy Stewart in Vertigo.

What drives someone to spend all their time and money exploring abandoned places? We have no idea, so we asked Melbourne photographer Shane Thoms.

Into the Wild

Tuesday October 10, 2017

When a successful fashion photographer adopted a neglected dog and moved to the wilderness, he landed more than a furry hiking companion – he found a muse. Troy Moth tells Smith Journal about facing down bears and finding freedom in the great outdoors.

Snake Charmers and Bazaars

Sunday October 08, 2017

Be transported to the vibrant daily life of 1899 Tunisia via these striking postcards, rendered in colour by the photocrom technique.