Cameron Clarke

Cameron Clarke

Monday June 23, 2014 Written by Chris

It’s a well-trodden cliché, that we're all connected. But there’s a way of looking at it without getting all Deepak Chopra.

Starting in the mountains of West Virginia and alighting – 405 miles later – at the shores of the Atlantic Coast, the Potomac River is one of the longest waterways in the U.S.A.

Melbourne-based photographer Cameron Clarke followed its path and his series, which captures everyone from the river’s lumber workers to its lawmakers, highlights the common thread between them.

Clarke has a keen eye for landscapes, turning otherwise-desolate rural vistas into enticing pictures. There's a strangely globalisng magic at play too: off-season sports centres in Europe become indistinguishable from snowed-in playgrounds in New South Wales. It's a big, wide world. And a small one too.

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