The Agoraphobe Who Travels the World on Street View

Tuesday January 14, 2020 Written by Kate

Jacqui Kenny's severe anxiety and agoraphobia made it difficult for her to walk to the supermarket, let alone travel the world. In search of an outlet, she began exploring Google Street View. The platform allowed her travel the streets of countries such as Mongolia, Senegal and Chile from her London home.

"I encountered remote towns and dusty landscapes, vibrant architectural gems, and anonymous people, all frozen in time," she says. "The more I traveled, the more I found scenes that appeared to be plucked from a strange and expansive parallel universe."

Kenny began uploading screenshots of her favourite Street View scenes to the Instagram @streetview.portraits. She's since taken tens of thousands of images, which have an eerie, dreamlike quality. When seen from the road, her humans and animals look almost like toys.

"I realized that the billions of photographs that Google captured for functional purposes were ripe for creativity," Kenny says. "And when framed and angled with care, they could be as beautiful and emotional as traditional photography."

If you're chained to your desk and interested on a quick tour to remote corners of the world, head to Kenny's Instagram.